Something for green thumbs in winter

6:24 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Let's face it, everyone needs a liittle life and color to brighten things up during the long, dark, cold days of winter.

Fortunately, Bachmans' Susie Bachman has some great ideas for all of our green thumbs.

  • Cut flowers
  • Bubble bowl
  • Use glass gem stones on bottom of bubble bowl.
  • Insert a gerbera daisy stem on glass flower holders and float.
  • Pussy Willow Vase 
  • Take a cylinder vase and cover the vase with pussy willow stems.
  • Secure the pussy willow stems with rubber bands and hide with raffia or ribbon
  • Arrange tulips and pussy willow stems in the vase.

Forsythia arrangement

  • Wrap a piece of floral foam in waterproof ribbon and place in a cube vase.
  • Insert one bunch of forsythia stems in the vase and top with pebbles.

Tree fern topiary

  • Insert floral foam in a cube vase.
  • Use two bunches of tree fern and place in topiary form in the foam.
  • Trim the tree fern to desired shape.
  • Add green trick dianthus and crespedia to the bottom of the cube vase. 

Indoor plants

  • Terrariums and Fairy Gardens
  • Miniature plants are a hot trend right now.
  • Make your own terrarium or miniature garden.
  • Anything goes. Just add blooming and green miniatures with a few pebbles for drainage. 

Watch 'em Grow and bulb stock

  • Bachman exclusive
  • Began in the mid 80's.
  • Bachman's uses regular bulbs and cools them in the planted state, so the viability of the bulb is better than using pre-cooled bulbs which tend to stretch


  • Another great room brightener during winter - native to the tropical regions of the western hemisphere.
  • Simple intriguing flower great for contemporary décor
  • Easy to care for
  • They like bright indirect light and keep the rosette of foliage full of water with distilled, rainwater, or snow melt.
  • Starting from $24.99, featured $59.99


  • Brings a small touch of spring indoors during the winter
  • Bright indirect light, evenly moist, and cool
  • Temporary indoor plant. Enjoy them while blooming and then discard. It is difficult to get them to re-bloom indoors.
  • 4" - $4.99


  • Awesome indoor plants that looks like a bouquet of flowers.
  • The stiff bright green leaves serve as a beautiful backdrop to the vivid tight cluster of blooms.
  • Bright indirect light, consistently moist, and cool temperatures
  • Like the primrose, cineraria are a temporary plant 


  • Nice sweet fragrance
  • A true sign of spring
  • 4" $6.99

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