From lint and soap slivers to corks, try upcycling!

5:49 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - What do you do with those tiny slivers of soap we all seem to have? What about your kid's popsicle sticks? Are you just tossing them?

Louise Kurzeka of Everything's Together says don't toss. Louise joined KARE 11 News at 4 with some ways to "upcycle" some of your old stuff.

-Film canisters that are cut with a slit on the side transform into a postage stamp dispenser or they are handy holders of quarters and other change needed for tolls, vending machines and parking meters.

-Popsicle sticks make great portable paint swatches when redecorating.

-Mint tins are the perfect size for a do-it-yourself travel sewing kit and/or first aid kits.

-CD cases can have a second life as a beverage coaster when dressed up with an attractive wallpaper or gift wrap design Or, use the case turned open as a modern style photo holder.

-Wine corks can be slit on the side and transformed into a placecard holder for a dinner party.

-An acrylic photo frame becomes a protective recipe card holder in the kitchen when cooking.

-Placing a bread clip on the end of a roll of packing tape means you'll never have to search for the start of the tape again or identify audio/video/computer cords by attaching labeled bread clips to the plug area of the cords.

-Slivers of soap will get used up when placed inside a plastic mesh vegetable bag and hung on the garden faucet for quick backyard cleanups of dirty hands.

-Plastic jugs with the bottoms cut off become a funnel for liquid or dry ingredients.

-Egg cartons stuffed with dryer lint are a great fire starter for the backyard fire pit or the family fireplace.

To contact Louise, head to Everything's Together

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