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1:47 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Looking for a job? Looking to advance in the job you have? Marcy Twete, author of You Know Everybody!, joined KARE 11 News @4 to talk about simple ways to give you the step up you need.

Here are her tips-

Top Tips Women Should Know to Grow their Careers:

1. How to ask for what you want: it seems simple, but many women don't actually ask and are repeatedly overlooked for promotions.

2. The right way to create a brand for yourself in this digital age -your online profile and in-person presentation are equally as important:

• In 2012, social media helped 1 in 6 job seekers land a position.
• Recruiters check these networks when profiling applicants: LinkedIn - 93%, Facebook - 66%, and Twitter - 54%.
• Create an on-line CV and link it to your profile.
• Get recommended and show off your skills! Only 1 out of 100 who are not referred get hired, vs. 1 out of 6 who have referrals, and are getting hired.
• Follow companies, join groups in your industry, share and comment on breaking news (Marcy can name leading groups to follow now).

3. How to Network - it's vital & can be easy to grow your career:

• As Twete's book title says, You Know Everybody!, you know more people than you think. Many women think about networking in different ways than most men. Learn her savvy tips to get ahead:

• Network with both genders.
• Talk with people inside and outside of your industry - way outside.
• Talk to people from other cities and states.

4. GET a mentor, and BE a mentor - why each is instrumental to your career.

5. Looking Good = exudes confidence and respect: it's true, people make assumptions about your skills by your appearance.

For more information on Marcy Twete, head to Career Girl Network

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