Back to school with less stress

12:07 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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Minnesota elementary school classroom

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn - Now that school is back in session,   change is in the air as kids and parents alike adjust to new schedules, new schools and new routines.

All that change can lead to stress and that can lead to what author and certified holistic health consultant,  Kristen K. Brown calls "mommy (and daddy) madness." Good news though, she says we can ease the transition back into the school year with some easy steps to shift our mommy madness into mommy gladness. 

Have a Morning Prep plan the night before. Prepare clothes, meals, homework - keep it all in one place. Load up the car. Check your to-do list and be prepared. Download the Morning Prep Checklist on our website at
Take advantage of car time. Carpools, shuttles to sports practices and traffic means lots of time in the car. Listen to books on tape, self-help CDs, your favorite music or call to catch up with old friends and family. Spin car time into a haven for self-indulgence. Keep squares of dark chocolate in the glove compartment!

Let kids spread their wings. Don't smother, hover or overthink. Let them try new things on their own. Let them make mistakes. Let them experience new places and things. The best way to model that is by doing those things yourself. 

Build in time for yourself away from the kids. Have a date night with your significant other. Get a pedicure or go to the spa. Make a date for a movie or lunch with a friend. Don't let your own sense of self disappear just because you have to care for your children. You must care for yourself too.

Get more of Kristen Brown's stress-less tips at:

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