Got accessories? What you need for the iPhone 5

1:10 AM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - It's bigger, better, and causing lots of buzz. For Apple fans, the iPhone 5 is huge deal.

"It's got a bigger screen," said Dusty Fields, who waited overnight to buy the iPhone 5 Friday morning. "So that's one of the things I'm most excited about. It's got more screen real estate."

The new size means you'll need new accessories. The iPhone 5 is a half inch bigger, and its new lightning connector is 80 percent smaller. A power cable will come with your phone, but you'll still need to update your car chargers and portable batteries, plus you'll need adapters to convert the old style connectors.

"After customers get their new iPhone," said Best Buy's Alex Meyer, "It's all about accessorizing their new device."

The most important one? A good case, which will guard the phone's fragile glass screen.

"You'll have your iPhone with you at all times," Meyer said. "So you want to make sure you protect your phone the best way you can."

And you can do that in countless ways, with hundreds of new case styles for the iPhone 5.

"You want to outfit your iPhone the way you outfit your personality and your style," said Rachel Maniago of Incase. "So we've got cases from basic black to really fun crystals to everything in between."

The slider case is signature design of Incase, which has made them since the first generation iPhone. Their hard plastic shell and internal guardrail prevent damage, yet they're still among the thinnest on the market.

"It's really minimal and lightweight," Maniago said, "But also really protective. It protects all four corners and the backside."

And for the front? A screen protector can help stop scratches, fingerprints and glare. The Zagg invisible Shield Extreme have a shock resistant layer that can help prevent cracks.

And, of course, since the iPhone isn't just a phone, there are lots of other accessories like earbuds, headphones, and bluetooth speakers. Jambox has speakers that you can take wherever you go.

"(They work) whether I have (my iPhone) in my car or at my house," Meyer said. "If I'm having a party, I want to make sure I can get music to all my friends."

Yet another idea to make the iPhone 5 both functional and fun.

"An iPhone launch comes once a year," Meyer said. "So it's like Christmas around here!"

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