Jack Jablonski

The growing up of Jack Jablonski's little brother

7:52 AM, Nov 21, 2012

Max Jablonski was born older.  His family has always known that to be true. But the paralysis of Max's big brother Jack in a hockey accident last December has put Max's maturity on display for everyone else to see.

Jablonski becomes target of cyberbullying

9:40 PM, Jul 18, 2012

Social networks offer the bully a pulpit. For the last six weeks, the most disgusting bully has used the pulpit that is Twitter to attack a teenager many of you have come to know, Jack Jablonski.

Paralyzed hockey player Jack Jablonski moves leg

5:48 AM, May 30, 2012

The mother of a paralyzed high school hockey player says her son has been able to move some parts of his body.

Jack Jablonski back in the hospital

12:53 PM, Apr 26, 2012

Benilde- St. Margaret's student Jack Jablonski is back in the hospital less than one week after being discharged to start rebuilding his life.

Jablonski leaves rehab center for a new home

4:36 PM, Apr 18, 2012

After three and a half months of physical therapy at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, Jack Jablonski gets to go home.

Jablonski has neck brace removed

6:51 AM, Apr 5, 2012

Injured Benilde-St. Margarat's hockey player Jack Jablonski took another big step in his rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury.

Halo removed from Jablonski's head

11:54 AM, Mar 15, 2012

Injured Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player Jack Jablonski has reached another milestone as he undergoes rehabilitation for a spinal cord injury.

MSHSL explains why Jablonski was not on ice after AA title game

4:48 PM, Mar 12, 2012

The Minnesota State High School League is explaining why a paralyzed hockey player was not on the ice after his team won the Class 2A state boys championship.

Jablonski 'Dine to Donate' fundraiser this weekend

6:26 AM, Mar 8, 2012

You can help donate to the Jack Jablonski medical fund this weekend just by going out to eat.

Jablonski watches Benilde-St. Margaret's win section title

8:36 AM, Mar 1, 2012

It was arguably the toughest boys hockey section in Minnesota. The Benilde-St. Margaret's Red Knights faced off against Minnetonka for the 6AA Championship at the Xcel Energy Center Wednesday night.

Jack Jablonski surprises team at playoffs

8:20 AM, Feb 24, 2012

Injured high school hockey player, Jack Jablonski, made a surprise return visit to support his Benilde-St. Margaret's team in the playoffs. The 16-year-old suffered a severed spinal cord

Jablonski family overwhelmed by support for Jack

1:57 PM, Feb 7, 2012

While Jack Jablonski recuperates at Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, he continues to be on the receiving end of gifts, visits from professional athletes and other shows of support from around the world.

Benilde-St. Margaret's, Wayzata face-off for first time since Jablonski injury

7:58 AM, Feb 7, 2012

It's not often that a junior varsity hockey games gets this much attention...But tonights game between Benilde St. Margarets and Wayzata was less about hockey and a lot more about healing.

Jack Jablonski making strides, working to 'get back to normal again'

11:31 AM, Feb 6, 2012

Like many of his 16-year-old classmates Jack Jablonski is learning to drive. Thursday he took his first trip through the halls of Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in his motorized wheelchair. He displayed the usual student driver anxiety, but significantly, his left hand was running the controls.

Jack's journey: The mission to make hockey safer

1:06 PM, Jan 28, 2012

Swishing skates. Clacking sticks. Pucks pinging off the goal pipe. The sound of hockey is unmistakable. It also can be frightening, as the parents of Jack Jablonski learned last month.

Youth hockey players learning to play safer or suffer stiff penalties

6:45 AM, Jan 26, 2012

Wednesday's Bantam B1 practice in Eden Prairie is a little different, but not because it's outdoors. The players are essentially re-learning how to check safely.

Fundraisers drum up $184K for Jack Jablonski

6:38 AM, Jan 25, 2012

Numbers aren't always a good way to measure success, but in the case of the effort to support injured hockey player Jack Jablonski and his family, they do provide an eye opening glimpse at how his story has touched people

Jack Jablonski vows to skate again

11:59 AM, Jan 22, 2012

Paralyzed hockey player Jack Jablonski vows he'll skate again.

Paralyzed prep player Jablonski making progress

11:57 AM, Jan 18, 2012

The family of Jack Jablonski says the paralyzed prep hockey player is able to "take in the world" from a vertical position with the help of a special chair.

Jablonski family pleased with new hockey penalties

11:14 PM, Jan 16, 2012

History was made at the ice arena in Lindstrom Monday night as the North Branch Vikings met the Blizzard of Northwestern Wisconsin. It was the first hockey game played under the new penalty structure imposed earlier in the day by the Minnesota State High School League.