Soundcheck MN

Soundcheck MN


2:36 PM, Mar 21, 2013

As a member of Doomtree and a solo artist, P.O.S is an artist on the rise


2:44 PM, Mar 21, 2013

She's an essayist, a poet and a performer. And she goes by one name: Dessa.

Brother Ali

2:48 PM, Mar 21, 2013

Har Mar Superstar

12:24 PM, Mar 27, 2013

A renowned singer/songwriter with a performance style all his own.

Nicholas David

3:07 PM, Mar 21, 2013

He's known as "The Voice" but Nicholas David is so much more.

Chastity Brown

3:20 PM, Mar 21, 2013

It's been only a few years since Chastity Brown took a chance and left her hometown of Knoxville to pursue a music career here in Minneapolis

John Mark Nelson

3:59 PM, Mar 21, 2013

Only a year out of high school, John Mark Nelson has proven to be one of the most talented newcomers in the Twin Cities music scene.

The Chalice

4:43 PM, Mar 21, 2013

Three individual artists make up the collective sound of The Chalice. Meet Claire de Lune, Lizzo and Sophia Eris.

The Valdons

5:11 PM, Mar 21, 2013

The Valdons helped pave the way for funk and soul in the Twin Cities. Watch them perform at 89.3 The Current's birthday party at First Avenue.

Why Minnesota is a great place to be a musician

12:05 PM, Mar 22, 2013

From the prairie to the cities, Minnesota has one of the most favorable climates for the music business in the country. If you want to be a musician, this is the place to live.

Mason Jennings

11:08 AM, Mar 22, 2013

Mason Jennings has recorded more than a dozen albums over the years, the last aptly titled "Minnesota," which he recorded in the middle of the woods. He lives here, raises his family here and he says there's no other place he'd rather be.


5:21 PM, Mar 21, 2013

Armed with four bass drums and their high-energy rock sound, 4onthefloor gave a memorable performance at The Current's birthday party at First Avenue.

Jearlyn Steele

6:20 PM, Mar 23, 2013

She's been a staple in the Minnesota music scene for years. Meet Jearlyn Steele.

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