Prosecutors outline murder case against Jeff Trevino

8:45 AM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - Jeff Trevino was charged Thursday with second degree murder in the disappearance and presumed death of his wife Kira. The following is a summary of the allegations made in the criminal complaint:

- The investigation begins at 10:25, Sunday morning, when Jeff Trevino calls police to report his wife Kira missing. He says she left the house two days earlier to run errands and didn't come back. He suggests she's having a "midlife crisis."

- Kira's friends and family are worried. They tell police the marriage is troubled and that Kira has talked about moving out.

- Questioned that same day, Jeff tells police he and Kira watched a movie at home Thursday night. He says she fell asleep and he went out to gas up her car.

- Bank records show Kira's debit card was indeed used to buy gas at 2:13 Friday morning at a station a few blocks from home. But security video shows that, upon leaving the gas station, Kira's Chevy Cobalt turns away from - and not toward home.

- On Monday, three days later, Kira's car is found in a Mall of America parking lot - where she worked as a store manager. Security video shows the car arriving at the mall seven hours after it left the gas station. Video also shows someone tossing a trunk liner out of the car.

- Police find the trunk liner and tests reveal it has blood on it, as do samples taken around the trunk opening.

- The person who drove the car into the mall parking lot is then seen in the video leaving in a cab. GPS tracking shows the cab stopping on Trevino's street, less than a block from his home.

- That same day police execute a search warrant and find more blood in the house: on the bedroom floor, wall, mattress and bookshelf. More blood is found near the washing machine and on the wheels and brushes of a carpet cleaner. Investigators cut out a section of the bedroom carpet. An examination of the underside shows a blood stain in the shape of a human head and torso.

- Jeff Trevino is charged with the Murder of his wife.

- Based on the amount of blood and Kira Trevino's uncharacteristic disappearance, prosecutors conclude there is cause to believe she is dead.

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