Town of Magnolia dealing with downed trees, power lines

5:24 PM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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MAGNOLIA, Minn. - When you live in a town named Magnolia, trees should be top of mind.

Not top of Toyotas.

Barry Chanthalangsy has a tree through his windshield, a tree on his roof, and another responsible for the food spoiling in his refrigerator.

"We don't have heat, we don't have hot water," said Chanthalangsy.

What weighs on his mind, also weighs on these lines.

Lineman Tim Durst is working to get power back to Magnolia - though a few miles away his own home is still dark.

"I've worked hurricanes before, and this is comparable," said Durst.

But what April gives - it also takes away. As temperatures rose through the day, that menacing ice wilted.

Turns out, even a grounded tree can hold a promise of spring.

Magnolia has no backup power. Worthington has emergency generators, but not enough to power its industries.

The largest of those is a meat packing plant with 2,300 workers. It remained closed today for the second straight day.

All those workers will remain off the job until power can be restored.

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