Good samaritan helps nab rape suspect

4:36 PM, May 21, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - A 30-year-old St. Paul man is charged with rape, thanks to the involvement of a stranger who risked his own safety to get involved.

Prosecutors have charged Dario Jothzan Alba-Salmeron with criminal sexual conduct in the third degree for the alleged attack on a woman early Sunday.

Police were dispatched after reports of two males fighting in the street near Mt. Hope Street and Page Street just before 3:30 a.m. When officers arrived they saw an SUV speeding away towards Oakdale and pulled it over. Inside they found a female driver and the defendant, Alba-Salmeron, who was bleeding and had bruises on his face. He told officers nothing had happened, but they saw his belt was loosened, his zipper was down and he smelled of alcohol.

While police were interacting with the defendant a 26-year-old man approached and told them he had been in an altercation with a man he saw sexually assaulting a woman nearby. When he saw Alba-Salmeron, the man yelled "That's the guy, that's the guy."

The good samaritan told officers he was walking home from a party when he heard a woman yelling for help and ran to the area near Sydney and Mt. Hope. As he ran over he saw the alleged victim naked from the waist down, and witnessed the defendant running from the scene. The samaritan chased after Alba-Salmeron, tackling him in the street and fighting with him until a vehicle pulled up and sped away with the defendant.

Squads went to the place where the alleged rape took place and found the victim, a 42-year-old female, who was sobbing uncontrollably. She told them that Alba-Salmeron had raped her. She didn't know him by name, but recognized him from the Mazatlan Bar.

When interviewed by police Alba-Salmeron said the victim approached him and offered sex, then set him up to be robbed by two men. He then called the victim a "crack whore."

If found guilty Dario Jothzan Alba-Salmeron faces the possibility of 15 years in prison.



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