Vandals target Maple Grove church

7:25 AM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - While members of Pilgrims United Church of Christ sang uplifting hymns during Sunday services, the vandalism found outside of the church that has many disheartened.

"Violence or defaming someone's church is not a very Christian attitude," says long-time member Karen Udstrand. "It's very disappointing."

As attendees entered the small, Maple Grove church on Sunday morning they were greeted by vandalism. Someone had thrown eggs at the church's windows and scribbled "church of Soddom and Gomorrah" on the exterior walls.

The staff at Pilgrims United Church of Christ believes the vandals oppose their view on same-sex marriage.

"We are a very progressive voice in Maple Grove," says Pastor Robin Raudabaugh. "This was a very hate-filled act."

This isn't the first time the church has become a target. Last year, "Vote No" signs were taken from church property and last month graffiti was spotted on church walls at the same time the Minnesota Senate voted to allow gay marriage.

"Some people wonder if our message is getting out," says Raudabaugh. "But this proves that people do hear us."

Maple Grove police officials have told the church staff that they will keep a closer watch around the building.

Of the 135 United Church of Christ congregations in the state, this is the only report of vandalism surrounding the same-sex marriage issue.

Church volunteers will clean up the mess. There is no security camera footage.

Anyone with information about who is responsible for the crime is asked to contact the Maple Grove Police Department.

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