Door-to-door crime prevention by Minneapolis police

10:52 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Three people, including a 4-year old boy, are recovering from gunshot wounds after getting shot on the 3600 block of Penn Avenue North Tuesday night.

The shooting prompted Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau to hit the streets with her officers throughout the day connecting with neighbors in hopes of catching the shooter.

"I'd like a little bit more cooperation than I think we're getting. I'd like answers. I certainly would like a suspect in custody and we don't have one," said Harteau.

A group of people gathered on the corner of 36th and Penn Wednesday afternoon holding signs that read, "we don't shoot 4 year olds." It got the attention of Mike Elliot who lives near the shooting and is a father of a 5-year old girl.

"It's extremely troubling," said Elliott. "It really is a state of terror in this community."

According to police, two adult males who were shot are heavily sedated in the hospital. All of the victims are expected to survive. Police believe the shooting was not random.

"I get mad, I get mad," said Christina Banks whose son was killed last year.

The news of the shooting brings her back when her 5-year old son Nizzel George was shot and killed a year ago.

She and her family took time to remember her son's death Wednesday afternoon and had a message for anyone who knows about Tuesday night's shooting.

"If a baby was shot and somebody knows something, they need to open up their mouth and tell it. Don't be scared," said Banks.

Two teens were convicted of George's murder. Police are still looking for the shooter who killed 3-year old Terrell Mayes more than a year ago. A stray bullet went through his north Minneapolis home.

Now with another toddler shot, some neighbors believe it can't just be the police department's responsibility.

"It has to be a real partnership between the police and resident," said Elliott. "There's probably trust building that needs to take place."

It is why Harteau says her officers will connect more with people this summer by walking their beats. And like Wednesday, the chief plans on joining them.

"I think that's just huge," said Elliot. "Hopefully this is going to be the beginning of something more transformative."

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