Parents of twins have twice the advice for Joe Mauer upon birth of twin girls

5:56 PM, Jul 24, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn -- When KARE 11 asked parents of twins to offer their treasured advice to Joe Mauer after the birth of his twin daughters, we got more than multiple responses.

The parents of nine pairs of twins - ranging in age from three weeks to eight years old - came out to congratulate Joe Mauer on his new twin girls, possibly the greatest double play of his career.

"Get ready, Joe, I hope you can figure out some hairstyles," said Carrie Quist, a Twin Cities mother of 5 year old girls, Maren and Lilia.

Many are members of the from Minneapolis Mothers of Multiples support group.

"I have twin girls so it's been an awesome year, exhausting and tiring and challenging at the same time, it has been so much fun," said Bill Houston, a South Minneapolis father of Annie and Lilla, 14 month old twins.

Take it from those who have twice the experience, even when sleep deprived, they tell other parents of twins to take care of themselves and always accept help.

"It's easy with two babies in the house to neglect yourself and you are doing a disservice to your babies by doing that," said Liz Meyer of Minnetonka, parents to Max and Liam, nine month twins.

The parents also remember the individuality of each twin and their own all star qualities.

"They kind of come as a little package, but try to treat them as individuals nurture their own unique personalities," said Meyer.

"Even though they have the exact same genetic DNA they have opposite personalities - that is completely amazing," said Joanna Diaz, mother of Colton and William, three year old twins.

Also amazing many mothers say are the support groups with others in the same situation. The Minnesota Valley Moms of Multiples (MVMOM) has 500 members from the Twin Cities to western Wisconsin and Southern Minnesota, and also serves families with triplets, quadruplets and beyond. The Northside Mothers of Multiples serves families in the northern Twin Cities.

"It's great to be a part of a support group down in Mankato {Multiple Blessings}. Some of my closest friends have been in the support group with me and it's great to be able to talk about some of the things that only parents of twins and multiples can relate to," said Julie Risto, of Mankato, mother of eight year old twins Owen and Ian.

Parents agree that the best advice for Joe Mauer is that raising twins is truly a team sport.

"One person can work on holding them or entertaining them while the other person can cook or clean or do stuff around the house," said Houston.

And along the way, parents of twins - no matter fame, fortune or star status - quickly learn that love multiplies.

"You are afraid there isn't as much love with two because you have to split it. It's exactly the opposite. It just means there is that much more love," said Sarah Hewuse, of Inver Grove Heights, mother to three week old twins Alice and Micah.

The MVMOM group will hold its well known multiples clothing and equipment sale at the Eagan Community Center Saturday, September 21st.

Here are several links to multiple support groups across Minnesota.

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