Should Minneapolis ban plastic bags?

3:26 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS --  A Minneapolis city council member is looking into the idea of banning plastic shopping bags. 

Several U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas already ban plastic bags.

Take a trip downtown on a Thursday afternoon and you are greeted by a sea of plastic.

Even users often aren't fans.

"They are just terrible for the environment they have a long life cycle, they don't biodegrade, all that bad stuff," reluctant plastic bag carrier Paul of Minneapolis said.

If Minneapolis City Councilwoman Meg Tuthill has her druthers retailers in Minneapolis will no longer be able to provide you the convenience of bagging with plastic.

"If you really want to talk about doing something positive that we can all chip in on for the environment it is banning plastic bags, it just makes sense," Tuthill said Thursday.

Tuthill's vision is still in its infancy, she has only had talks with retailers getting input.

But she is serious and isn't considering what cities like Washington D.C. has done, charging a fee to take a bag from store, she wants it cut and dried.

"No we are talking total ban," Tuthill said.

In a statement from Target Corporation they said the following:

"Target encourages guests and communities to reduce their plastic bag use and works with local governments to comply with all regulations....We encourage our guests to bring in their reusable bags by offering a five-cent reusable bag incentive."

Target and other stores, like Cub Foods, offer recycling bins exclusively for the bags.

In Minneapolis that is the only option because the city's single sort recycling cannot take the bags.

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