Navy Yard shooting leaves victims dead, injured

10:29 AM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON - The Metro D.C. Police chief says tactical crews are searching for two men who may be connected to a shooting rampage in a Naval shipyard Monday morning.

Chief Cathy Lanier says one gunman responsible for the attack, which has claimed the lives of multiple people and injured a number of others, is confirmed dead. She described two others, a white male and a black male, who were also seen carrying guns at the time of the attack. Lanier says the men are not believed to be military personnel but were wearing military-style gear.

At a news conference just after noon eastern standard time the Mayor of Washington D.C. told reporters that four people were being treated for wounds suffered in the shooting spree, and multiple others had been killed.

NBC Nightly News tweeted earlier that at least 12 had been killed or injured, and attributed the number to a senior Navy official who gave the information to NBC News.

Two Navy officials say at least six people were killed in the rampage.

Units from several law enforcement agencies were called to the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters around 8:20 a.m. eastern time on a report of shots fired.

Sorting through the barrage of information emerging from a fluid situation to determine what is accurate. The Navy said "several" people were killed at the Navy Yard. Ed Buclatin, the public affairs chief for the Navy Installations Command, tweeted "four killed and eight injured." He also tweeted that reports of more than one shooter had not been confirmed.

The U.S. Navy did confirm on Twitter that they're looking for a gunman, and says the shooter is still loose and believed  They say three shots were fired inside their Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters.

All of the compound's 3,000 workers have been ordered to "shelter in place."

Rick Mason, a program management analyst who is a civilian for the Navy, said a gunman was shooting from a fourth floor overlook in the hallway outside his office. He said the gunman was aiming down at people in the building's cafeteria on the first floor. Mason said he could hear the shots but could not see a gunman.

Shortly after the gunfire, Mason said overhead speakers told workers to seek shelter and later to head for the gates at the complex.

Patricia Ward, a logistics management specialist, said she was in the cafeteria. "I heard three shots -- pow, pow, pow. Thirty seconds later I heard four more shots."

Then panic, as people tried to get out of the cafeteria. "A lot of people were just panicking. There were no screams or anything because we were in shock."

A Gannett reporter on an outbound airplane at Reagan National Airport says they were told all planes have been grounded indefinitely, but passengers were not given a reason for the groundings.

The Washington Navy Yard says on its website that it's the Navy's oldest shore establishment. It's home to the chief of Naval Operations and is also headquarters for the Naval Historical Center and numerous naval commands.


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