"Wink/Die" - It's A Family Game!

1:27 PM, Nov 11, 2008   |    comments
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The holidays are just ahead and for most that means getting together with family and friends. However, after the initial conversations on football and politics run out, what will you do? Try this game - "Wink/Die". It can be for "kids" of all ages and doesn't cost you a thing. OK-It might cost you your dignity but you won't have to empty your pockets. Here are the rules: One person is "it"... the person who winks. To determine the "it" person... you draw cards. You'll need a Queen of Hearts and the number of people playing, minus one. SO... if 8 are playing... you'll have one Queen of Hearts and 7 other cards (any kind). Mix them up... and deal one card to each participant, face down. Each player will check their card and return it to the deck without showing it to anyone. Whoever draws the Queen of Hearts is "it". No one else will know who "it" is. NOTE: We played this during dinner, with several people sitting around the table. Next, return to your conversations. The "it" person then winks at one of the folks (at the table) while you're all talking. If you do it very slyly... you won't be caught. If you're winked at you DIE. BUT not immediately. NOTE: This is very important. You have to wait a minute or two before you die. This then gives you an opportunity to creatively die. Choking, slumping, falling off the chair, etc. The whole point is each person who dies has to die differently, if you can. It brings out the "Drama Queen" in all of us. If you see someone winking at someone else... you can call them out. However, if they aren't the "it" person... YOU'RE out. We did this at a party not too long ago and the first one to die really gave us all a fright. His face turned red, he gasped for breath, and then he "died". Even though we ALL KNEW we were playing this game, we were all caught off guard. This person (we'll call him "Mr. Church Mouse" to protect the innocent) is a laid back guy. So when he started to turn purple, we were thinking "Heimlich"... not the game. Ha! He punk'd us pretty good. After his "swan song" we went back to eating and drinking. I actually saw the "it" person wink at "Mr. Church Mouse", but I was so astonished by his performance that by the time I returned eye contact with her again... she winked at me before I could call her out. Grrrr. Acccccck. Thunk. Dead. For a moment or two. Anyway it was quite fun. WE had at least 4 or 5 of us "die" before the "it" person was caught. Oh... we had some wine with dinner too. Perhaps that helped. But our 17-year-old wasn't drinking and she had fun too. Try it and let me know how it went at your house. If you have any questions, feel free to email me .

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