OK, You asked for it!

3:03 PM, Dec 15, 2008   |    comments
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"OK, you asked for it!". Now, that's a phrase I've used many times in my life, usually right before I do something that gets me in deep trouble, and leaves me with nothing but regret. And so it is that I use that line again to start my first blog on KARE11.com. Well, that's not exactly true. Actually, I believe I was the first person to ever write their own blog at KARE-TV. Back in 2000, the station sent me to Australia to cover the Olympic games, and I was asked to write a daily blog about my experiences. It was at that time when I KNOW I became the first person to ever have his blog censored. It was right after I said, "OK, you asked for it!", following a mind-bending lecture from Dick Ebersol, the Czar of NBC Sports, who had just droned-on for two-plus hours, telling us all the things we could NOT do during our time in Sydney. "Why don't you write a blog?" That's the question I'm asked the most, and the answer has always been, "One, because people have to hear from me too much already, and two, because it would only get me into trouble." But, you've worn me down, and here I am. So, let me start with the essentials. Yes, I am married, but I don't wear a wedding ring because I've already lost two, but that's fodder for another blog entirely. Yes, I like Kim, and I don't miss sports as much as I thought I would, simply because they still let me talk about sports so much on the morning news. I get up at 2:30, and yes it is hard, but I like what we do and I like when people tell me I help them get going in the morning. Finally, I think it's important to know that I believe we have the finest morning news product in the market. We share a common goal of not just giving our viewers a reason to watch, but to give them information they can actually USE. We get along well, and we work hard to be accurate. If you watch on a regular basis, "Thank You". If you don't watch regularly, give us a chance if you happen to find yourself up early some morning and I think you'll come back. If you don't like what we're doing, now you know where to come and complain. Just remember not to be too harsh, because I just might say, "OK, you asked for it!"

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