Kim Insley's Blog: Have a nice day!

6:48 PM, Apr 10, 2009   |    comments
Sometimes it just takes a smile
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The other day I was out shopping with my daughter in Maple Grove.

We entered a shoe store that had a few people in it, but you could tell the sales clerks hadn't seen a lot of customers that day.

As I cruised the merchandise, I became aware of people entering and leaving.  Each time a customer left, one of the clerks offered a cheery, "Have a nice day!"

This being the land of Minnesota Nice, I kind of expected the customers to say thank you. 

I didn't hear a reply after the first customer left.  Or the second.  Or the third.  Or the fourth.

By then I could tell it was becoming a challenge for the clerks.  Each time they would say, "Have a nice day!"  The customer would let the door close with nary a backward glance.  The clerks would glance at each other.

So I pointed out this display of bad manners to my daughter.  I want her to appreciate that she was seeing first and foremost, the right way to treat a customer...with a  greeting, and a friendly good-bye when they leave.

I also want her to know that if someone wishes you a good day, you should acknowlege that.  Of course not everyone is going to hear it, but this was a small store, there was very little noise, and I'm pretty sure most of the customers could hear quite well.

Perhaps  they were just too busy to say something.  Perhaps they thought the clerk didn't mean it.  Maybe they were all just having a bad day.

At any rate, my daughter and I eventually left.  We didn't buy anything, but when we walked out the door, the clerk said,  "Have a nice day!"

I said, "Thank you -- you have a good afternoon!"  She paused and said, "Thank you."

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By Kim Insley, KARE 11 News


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