Favre does it again...

3:35 PM, Sep 28, 2009   |    comments
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Monday, September 28, 2009

I managed to catch the end of the Vikings game yesterday, which apparently is all anyone needed to see.  But I was one of the few people that wasn't surprised to see Brett Favre throw a game-winning touchdown.  You see... I've personally seen him do it many times before yesterday.

As Randy Shaver reminded me, exactly 10 years ago yesterday, Brett Favre did the exact same thing to the Vikings at Lambeau Field.  Randy and I were standing in the endzone watching it before our very eyes in 1999.  I will never forget it either.  I distinctly remember Randy telling me that Favre was going to do the improbable and somehow lead the Packers to a game-winning touchdown against the Vikings.  And sure enough... he did. 

We both marveled at how awesome it was that Favre could march down the field and score at will like that.  It was incredible to see it in person.  Now, I know that Favre has done it many times before and I'm sure a lot of them were against the purple.  But to watch him do it as a Viking is still a bit surreal to me.

I'm not a Vikings fan and I'm really not a Favre fan but I find myself drawn to the TV on Sundays to watch the Vikings.  What exactly is happening to me?  Am I getting sucked into the hype?  Or am I just becoming the typical Minnesota fair-weather fan?

Whatever it is, Favre never disappoints when I tune in.  I'm happy for the Vikings, but I'm starting to feel guilty for neglecting my true home-town team, the Chicago Bears!

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