Bonus vs. Step

5:08 PM, Sep 30, 2009   |    comments
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Recently our friend Hanne was visiting from Denmark. She was telling a story about her family and it involved her "bonus" sister. Having never heard of a "bonus" sister, I asked what exactly one was.

The term is apparently used in the same way we would use "step" to describe a sibling or family member. How many of us these days have step-brothers or sisters or mothers and fathers? Quite a few I'm sure...I've got four of the aforementioned!

The word "step" has such a negative connotation. Even Disney has taught us to shiver when we think of the dreaded step-mother. How nice would it be if we chose to call these extra people in our lives "bonus" instead? It sounds so much friendlier.

I know not everyone gets along with these bonus people in their lives, but I got to tell you, I feel very blessed. I've always felt like I had four extra people to love me.

If I didn't have two bonus brothers, I wouldn't be an aunt...again Congrats Joe and Cyndi! (My second nephew was born today!)

If I didn't have a bonus dad, I wouldn't have anyone to call when my car broke down or anyone to call when anything broke down. (I'm not super handy)

If I didn't have a bonus mom, I wouldn't have another woman to reach out to for guidance when things in life got tough, or to call when my Thanksgiving dinner is going to heck in a hand basket.(she's saved more than one dinner for me)

Yes, I've been blessed, and I'm about to be blessed again. My finance has a 13-year-old daughter. The best little girl this side of the equator as far as I'm concerned.

When she heard Hanne tell the story about her "bonus" sister she said, "When you and dad get married, you're so going to be my bonus mom!" 

It doesn't get any better than that!

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