Mastering the art of bribery

9:11 PM, Nov 22, 2009   |    comments
It's all about the money, after all
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

As the mother of a now 2-year-old, I've had to find some very creative ways of dealing with my toddler in sticky situations. The distraction method used to work very well with my daughter but now that she's getting older and smarter, I've had to find new ways to get things done. Our newest form of bribery is the lollipop and it worked so well this weekend that she didn't even really cry when she got her H1N1 shot.

Now, I'm not endorsing bribery as a means to everything with a toddler, but there has definitely been a time and a place for it especially when I'm alone with my daughter and she is starting to throw a fit at the grocery store or Target. When that happens either I tell her we're going to have a treat in the car (sometimes a white lie if I didn't bring one) and she usually calms down and lets me get the shopping done.

The other new piece of bribery I have is an iPhone. Now, I realize that not everyone has an iPhone but lots of people have iPods that have video no them. Again, I'm not endorsing this for your toddler but with mine, it literally makes her sit still for as long as the video lasts. I have done a whole round of shopping at Target and the grocery store with one video and it's just great! I don't pull that trump card out very often, though because I don't want to lose its affect.

Finally, my last sort of bribery is simply some form of food. I tell my daughter that she can have some Cheez-its or something like that but only if she sits in her stroller, or shopping cart and that always seems to work too.

I never thought I would have to start carrying around an ammunition full of bribery but it honestly helps me get things done when I need to. Do you have any special things I should be considering that are healthier and not a video?


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