Two cell phones dead, thanks Diet Coke!

7:42 PM, Feb 6, 2010   |    comments
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I'm really big on breaking records, as many of you will soon find out beginning in April.


However, I recently accomplished something that could possibly be a world record in a very embarrassing way.


For the second time, I've lost a cell phone by dropping it in a cup of Diet Coke.  No joke!


I'm sure there's some jokester out there who has ruined a phone by dropping it in a Diet Coke, but two?  Probably not.


The first time was at dinner.  I was eating pizza and reached over the table with the phone in my hand.  It got loose and swish, right into the cup.  Destroyed.


The most recent phone, Diet Coke catastrophe happened in the car.  I turned the volume down to take a call, and when it was over I learned to re-raise the volume with the hand holding the cell.


In the process, the phone slipped from my grasp and landed in a cup of Diet Coke resting peacefully in a cup holder.


I'm a clown show.


And, I'm David Watkins and I'll try harder next time.

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