Working Super Bowl Sunday isn't all bad

12:18 AM, Feb 8, 2010   |    comments
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  • Our awesome sign made by photojournalist Monica Hanson and reporter Julianna Olsen.
  • Doing the sports live from our Super bowl party. Rena joined me later.
  • Our office full of food for the Super bowl party
  • Monica and Julianna making our sign for the party. Thanks you two!

As the third man on the totem pole in the sports department, you get used to working holidays, birthdays and other major days of the year, like Super Bowl Sunday.

But since we had to be here on the "Christmas of football season", we decided to throw a Super Bowl party at work.

Everyone in the building brought in food and drinks (soda only). We had more food that we could eat. The party had it all including a fog machine and a disco ball. Why? I don't really know but it seemed funny enough to all of us.

I even did sports live from the party instead of going to the studio. I can honestly say it was the funniest news room live shots I had ever done. These are the kinds of things that we can do here at KARE 11, which is why it is such a great place to work.

Even if it is on Super Bowl Sunday.

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