Tiger announces he'll return to golf, good luck

4:35 PM, Mar 17, 2010   |    comments
Photo courtesy: USA Today
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Tiger Woods is coming back to golf.  

I've been waiting for this day to voice my opinion about his "transgressions," now that he has announced his intentions to play in this year's Masters. 

Before I get into the real story here, I've been saying the British Open would be a good place to return because the tournament is abroad (insert joke here); but that's beyond the point. 

Tiger Woods is the latest in a recent string of public figures' infidelity, and it's setting a bad precedent for this generation. 

Consider this list of cheaters: President Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Kobe Bryant, David Letterman, and former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. 

These celebrities are making it OK for this generation to be unfaithful.  The list above includes politicians, TV personalities, and iconic sports figures.  All of whom are considered either heroes or highly influential individuals. 

This generation is seeing this and also watching a nation forgive them.  Yes, this is America; the land of opportunity and second, third, fourth, and fifth chances.  But what these individuals are doing is obviously wrong and the American public is more or less forgiving.   

So, this generation will view infidelity as something that's wrong, but fixable because society is generally forgiving and remorseful.

Am I saying infidelity is on the rise amongst people in the public eye?  Not necessarily.  With the expanded coverage of celebrities, gossip journalism, and instant public knowledge with today's technology, it may seem that cheating is running wild.

I fear that this generation's view of marriage and monogamy is changing with every celebrity cheating story.

I'm David Watkins and I'll try harder next time.

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