Adventures in fatherhood

3:08 PM, Apr 15, 2010   |    comments
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As you may or may not know on March 8th, 2010 I became a dad. Little Jack is now just over a month old and he constantly likes to keep my wife and I on our toes.

I've been through the usual "boot camp" of daddy-ing in the last 5 weeks. I've learned how to work on very, very little sleep. I have been truly amazed at how well I can do house-hold tasks with just one hand (and a baby in the other). But, the thing I am proud of the most is just how far I have come with diapering.

I'll admit at first I was pretty clueless. I had done it a few times, but nothing like this. I was too slow and not prepared enough for each changing, which means I've been peed on many times and had to go through more than a few diapers per changing. One night as I was executing the very difficult, but important, "sleeping change" after three diapers, three onsies and a second box of wipes we were up the rest of the night.

5 weeks later, I am a pro. Now I time my changes like a NASCAR pit crew and I am happy to report this morning a finished in a personal best 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Jack was thrilled and I was even happier. Next up to master: figuring out the cries...but that's a blog for another time.

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