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7:40 AM, Apr 23, 2010   |    comments
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World Record Update - 4/23/10

First things first, the new segment is called "Record Wreckers." Catchy, eh?

I've been a busy bee, making final preparations for the tennis marathon record.

Over the last few days Perk and I have visited with the folks at Gustavus, played a few games of tennis, visited Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care, and Max Muscle.

The more work I put into planning this event I'm getting less concerned about the dangers/risks of breaking the longest singles tennis match in history at 36 hours, 36 minutes, and 36 seconds.

I've found inspiration by watching the TV show "I Shouldn't be Alive" where people are stranded out in the ocean in a small fishing boat with no food or water for six days. If they can survive the exhaustion, the weather, and the sharks that actually attacked their boat, Perk and I can certainly play tennis for 36+ hours.

This week we spent time at Gustavus with legendary tennis coach Steve Wilkinson, current head coach Tommy Valentini, and sports information director Tim Kennedy.

The coaches taught Perk and I exactly how to hit a tennis ball. Our old swings were going to cause muscle damage over the 36 hours. I didn't realize that in the game of tennis, you have 20 seconds between points and 80 seconds between games. That's valuable time that we'll use to rest up a bit.

Tim Kennedy has been a star. He's my eyes and ears at Gustavus and the event is going to be a blast thanks to his efforts. Tim is assisting in every step, but made sure we'll able to have a live web feed on of the event. If we're lucky, Tim and Gustavus will provide the software to provide the game score on the website.

The folks at Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care called us "Krazy," but they love our spirit. Doctor Jamie Peters explained the dangers and risks of pushing the body to the limits, as Perk and I will do on May 3rd and 4th.

He was nice enough to give us a mini-physical, and provided us each with a tennis elbow strap. He says tennis elbow is no myth.

Max Muscle says we're going to feel exhausted, energized, drained, sleepy, elated, desperate, and out of place during the event. Our bodies will be confused by the constant activity and no rest.

So, they provided Eric and I with a good mix of multi-vitamins, protein, healthy carbs, and amino-acids to survive the record.

All of these will be stories that air during live shots from Gustavus during May 3rd and 4th.

You can now follow me and the Record Wrecker franchise on twitter. My handle is "david_watkins" Now only can you follow what's going on with the next record, but you can submit ideas for new records, or join in for records where we need a lot of people (i.e. - the largest paintball game in history).

Eric and I have one last fitness test on Monday with Diva Doug, remember him? Stayed tuned...


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