Tuesday's Pic: Spring Tease

4:04 PM, Feb 22, 2011   |    comments
  • Stairway to heaven... 33 South Sixth
  • A shiny 5th Street with fog over the city
  • Fog rolls in just after midnight in downtown
  • Nicollet Mall downtown Minneapolis
  • A taxi sits off-duty in downtown Minneapolis
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It was just a week ago that Minneapolis was flirting with 50 degree temperatures. That's nothing new with a Minnesota winter.  We'll see teases of nice weather and warmer temps from now until spring. 

What we weren't expecting was the record snowfall, again, and again. 

For the second time this season we've been targeted with a snowstorm that's brought part of the state to a standstill. With over 70 inches of total snow this season, we still have another month of snowy weather to go.

If you ask me... This is the time of year where winter gets on my nerves. It's the tease of spring that keeps me going and gives me motivation to keep putting on all the layers of clothes, winter boots, hats and gloves.

We had beautiful fog enter the Minneapolis skyline last week. Here are a few photos I took when I was out.

Lets keep going! We'll be running around in shorts in no time!


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