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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - In my radio D.J. youth, an old radio announcer at a small upstate New York station, a guy named Frank Mangefrida, gave me this advice.

"Allen," Frank said, "Any idiot can learn to turn this microphone on. When it's on, do you have anything to say?"

I've thought about that bit of "Frankness" a lot lately. That's because of Twitter and Facebook. Here's the thing: I don't know if a lot of the folks on social networks are really "idiots" to use Frank's term. They just read that way.

The internet is an amazing thing. Using it to communicate is a new millennium wonder. It doesn't require that we "share" every time we brush our teeth or scratch.

Remember Frank's rule: have something to say. When we say "Share in it all" at Kare, we don't mean, you know, ALL of your existence. Just share the good stuff. And I know you have a lot of good stuff.

By the way, I've lost track of Frank, but I do know that he left broadcasting and, for a while, he was selling tombstones.

They don't waste words on tombstones.

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