My day as the Tin Man

7:51 PM, Nov 1, 2011   |    comments
  • Dorothy and the Tin Man
  • Bobby in makeup
  • Silver face
  • Cowardly Lion and Tin Man
  • Applying the makeup
  • Our costumes from Halloween 2010
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I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.  The love is simple.  I'm a sugar junkie who succumbs regularly to Haribo gummi bears, Swedish fish, Happy Cola, Smarties, Reese's Peanut Butter get the idea.

I also love wearing orange, and have made it clear many times on this blog of my affinity and devotion to most things Michael Jackson, especially Thriller. 

However, I have several issues with some of the underlying themes of the so called holiday.  I also didn't appreciate getting egged by a couple bullies one night when I was 9 years old.  Scarred for sure.

I have always avoided costumes as an adult.  But do love to see my kids running around in their get-ups. 

But then came last year, when the Children's Theater Company offered up costumes from their production of Robin Hood for us to wear on KARE 11 News Saturday.  I was Robin, Belinda was Maid Marian, and Bobby was the Sherrif of Nottingham.  We got a lot of great comments about the show, and so this year we decided to do it again.

When we heard they were doing Wizard of Oz, the wheels started turning and the heels started clicking.  Clearly Belinda would have to be Dorothy.  Bobby could pull off the cowardly lion without makeup.  The uncertainty was what to do with me.  Scarecrow would be the obvious choice as one who needs a brain.  But we went with Tin Man, once we learned Lee Valsvik was going to be live from the cornfields.  She'd be the perfect scarecrow. 

Committing to the Tin Man proved a daunting task, but with the unbelievably capable hands of Richie on costume, and Robert on makeup, both regular behind the scenes geniuses of the CTC, I was good to go.

The total prep time to get into the garb was about an hour total.  When I did, two problems arose.  The first, where would we put the microphone?  Eventually we settled on the bow tie. 

The more difficult issue was the shin guard leg pieces, that were digging into my insteps.  By the 9 o clock hour I was popping advil just to get through the pain. 

In all, it was a blast.  A special thanks to all the behind the scenes folk here at KARE for going "all in",  and especially Anne Schopen from CTC for orchestrating the whole shebang. 

Can't wait to see what next year has in store.  Although we're told it could involve Dr. Seuss.  Now where are my Swedish Fish?


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