Howl Yeah! It's February and the Wolves have a winning record

12:28 PM, Feb 10, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- It occurred to me the other day that as the Wolves were on the brink of breaking the .500 barrier, I had yet to see them win.

I, like perhaps thousands of other fair-weather fans, attended the Thunder and Lakers games; kind of like the parishioner who only goes to church on Christmas or Easter.

So I shuffled into the Target Center with 14,000 other fans (according to attendance figures) for a Tuesday tilt with the miserable Sacramento Kings. I thought this game was in the bag, until K Love stepped on some long-haired dude's face this weekend and got himself suspended.

In the spirit of Love's tweets, I offer 10 non-sequiturs from the Kings game:

1. Didn't like the start of the game. Nikola Pekovic literally forgot to jump for the jump ball. Never left his feet, like he didn't see it coming.
2. There were a lot of empty seats. 14,073 was the listed attendance. I can't imagine there were that many fans there.
3. Four empty courtside seats. These were not filled til' midway through the first quarter. Who has these seats and doesn't use them? Missing the first quarter and a half is like throwing away $500; multiply that by 5 and you're talking 2 large.
4. Back to Nikola, who has been dubbed the Godfather. He was spinning in the post, stealing the ball at mid-court, and filling the lane before flushing a Rubio dime dropped between his legs.
5. Adelman. I was close enough to hear him. He hates referees. His facial expressions are hilarious and he averages 4 erpm (eye rolls per minute). This guy wants to win.
6. Demarcus Cousins. Remember that big lug? We drafted Wes ahead of him. Wes didn't do much, but Pek dominated Cousins, who spent most of his energy pouting about the ref calls.
7. Jimmer. Best first name ever. He captivated the hoops nation last march in the NCAAs. Fredette was very efficient in the 4th for the Kings, knocking down big shots and making this a close game.
8. 10,000 or 14,000, whatever the attendance was, they got on their feet for the final minutes. These were the diehards and their collective noise made up for the empty seats in the Upper level.
9. D Will. The rookie takes a big three with the score tied and less than a minute left. After he buried it, he almost stood there for a second, wondering "did that just happen?"
10. Ricky. During crunch time, he started grabbing Wolves by their jerseys and scolding them in broken English. He missed a couple free throws down the stretch, but his control and influence over the offense cannot be questioned. 14 assists including several alley-oops that got the crowd going.

The Wolves are a game over .500. I can't finish typing the word playof... but maybe fans can start to think about it.

Where is the Love? He better be at the All Star game in a couple weeks.

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