Anoka County inmate's miscarriage investigated

12:06 AM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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ANOKA, Minn. - An Anoka County Workhouse inmate lost her pregnancy and almost her life in an incident that ended last weekend with the inmate in emergency surgery.

Rebecca Treptow, 33, is serving a 100 day sentence for a February "road rage" in which she was convicted of pointing a handgun at another driver.

Treptow's husband, Scott, said his wife had been concerned about feeling ill since last Thursday. She made an appointment with her primary physician for Friday.

The workhouse allows inmates in their minimum security facility to leave for doctors' appointments. Scott Treptow said his wife was suffering from an infection, displaying a fever and vaginal discharge. Treptow was 8 weeks pregnant.

"So, just last Friday, she is supposed to go get this infection taken care of," said Scott Treptow. "When she got back to the workhouse (from the Thursday appointment), they informed her that they cancelled that appointment and were not going to let her make any further doctors' appointments. Friday, she was not feeling the greatest. Saturday, she started bleeding. (She) reported that. They did not really do anything about it. They said that if it kept continuing then they would talk to her again. By Sunday, she woke up. She had a fever, vaginal discharge, she was not feeling well. She asked to go to the doctor...the nurse said she could not go. The nurse said that they would allow her to see the jail doctor on Monday," said Scott Treptow.

Scott Treptow said he believes that on Sunday afternoon, a new shift of workhouse staff decided Rebecca should go to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.

She arrived there at approximately 4:00 p.m.

"Turned out, she was having a septic miscarriage," said Scott Treptow. "(She) went into emergency surgery later that evening, sometime near 7:00 -8:00 p.m. and had an emergency D&C procedure done."

Rebecca Treptow stayed in the hospital until Wednesday morning. Scott took her back to the workhouse.

"She is depressed, sad about it," he said. "She is nervous and scared to be back at the workhouse because of her medical needs not being attended to."

Scott Treptow added "I am very angry about it."

Treptow's attorney Seth Cobin was also unhappy over Rebecca's treatment. "From my perspective, they knew she was pregnant and when you get somebody, who you know is pregnant saying I think there's something wrong, it is not up to a corrections officer or a probation officer to decide whether or not there is something wrong...her requests for medical attention were consistently denied, "Cobin said.

Anoka Corrections Department Director Dylan Warkentin gave KARE 11 a statement: "We are confident in services that we are providing...that includes medical care."

Cobin disagreed. "I do not feel comfortable with my client in a place where they really ignored some of her serious concerns and where there is what appears to be a conflict of interest in that the complaining witness in the (road rage) case is, her mom is a corrections officer there (at the workhouse)," said Cobin.

Cobin insisted that "jails and prisons and workhouses are 100% responsible for the health and safety of the inmates. These sorts of things should never happen."

Thursday afternoon, a hearing will be held before Anoka County Judge Gibbs, to entertain two motions by Cobin.

One would grant Treptow a new trial.

The other would examine the circumstances of Treptow's miscarriage and the Corrections Department's handing of her case.

Attorney Cobin would like his client released on home confinement or having her sentence reduced because of her medical situation.

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