Woman stays in workhouse after suffering miscarriage

4:48 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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ANOKA, Minn. - An Anoka woman who suffered a miscarriage while in the custody of the Anoka County Workhouse on Sunday will remain in the workhouse for now.

Rebecca Treptow, 33, claims that workhouse staff ignored her pleas for medical help while she was ill last week and weekend.

Treptow walked into the Anoka County Courthouse accompanied by her attorney, Seth Cobin, of Minneapolis. Cobin intended to ask Judge Sean Gibbs to either move Treptow to the County Jail or allow her to be under home monitoring at her house.

However, Assistant County Attorney Kurt Delie argued that he needed access to Treptow's medical records from the workhouse and from Mercy Hospital in order to respond to Cobin's motion.

Treptow is serving a 100-day sentence for a February road rage incident. She was convicted of pointing a handgun at another driver. Cobin wanted to argue that Treptow should be moved from the workhouse to the jail because he said a corrections officer at the workhouse is the mother of the chief female witness against Treptow in her road rage trial. Judge Gibbs told Cobin he could not "testify" and there was no "foundation" offered for the conflict-of-interest allegation.

The County jail is under the supervision of the Anoka County Sheriff. The workhouse is a facility of the Anoka County Corrections Department.

"I am sympathetic to your client's medical issues", the judge told Cobin, but he refused a request by Delie that Gibbs order Treptow to release her medical records to county officials. Gibbs said he doubted that he had that authority. Nonetheless, Treptow signed two releases of medical records supplied by Delie inside the courtroom. Cobin told the court that he had requested the records himself, but was told by Mercy Hospital authorities that there would be a 7 to 10 day wait.

Gibbs said he wanted a swift hearing to address Treptow's concerns, but urged Cobin to be certain that the medical records would be available. Gibbs delayed the hearing until Oct. 5.

Earlier, Gibbs took "under advisement" a motion by Cobin for Treptow to have a new trial. Cobin expressed dismay that there was no dash cam video of the February incident. Anoka Patrol Officer Zach Robertson told the court that no Anoka squad cars have dash cameras.

Cobin also wanted to challenge statements that Treptow's legally obtained weapon was on the seat next to her, as she claimed, rather than on the floor boards; however, Gibbs said Cobin offered no evidence or "affidavits" to support his position.

Treptow has consistently denied her guilt to the road rage charges, although a jury convicted her on all three counts in the case. Since Judge Gibbs previously reduced her sentence from 100 to 85 days and since she is to only spend half of the sentence in custody, the mother of three is to be released to home monitoring on Oct. 9, unless the court orders her released earlier.

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