Minneapolis announces new police misconduct process

5:38 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The City of Minneapolis announced a new procedure Monday for handling claims of police misconduct.

The Mayor and City Council approved the new process, which is aimed at making the review process more effective for the people who file complaints and the officers mentioned in those complaints. It is also meant to increase confidence and trust in police oversight.

All complaints about officers will now go to the new Office of Police Conduct Review, where civilian and police managers will decide what course to take.

According to the City, minor offenses can go straight to the officer's supervisor for action. Cases can also go to mediation, where the complainants and officers meet with mediators to resolve the situations. Allegations of more severe misconduct prompt a full investigation, and the heads of the office decide whether a civilian or a police investigator should handle a particular case.

Completed investigations go to the Police Conduct Review Panel, which is made up of two civilians and two sworn officers. The four members will make final recommendations to the Minneapolis Police Chief, who has the ultimate responsibility to take action.

Click here for more information on police conduct oversight.

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