Both sides of marriage debate get creative

12:56 PM, Oct 21, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The marriage amendment continues to divide the state, families, friends and communities.

On November sixth, voters will vote yes or no to an amendment that, if passed, will rewrite the state's constitution, defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Both sides are doing whatever they can to find creative ways to get their message across.

Move over little bumper stickers.   

Outside the Eagle Bolt Bar in downtown Minneapolis, cars were lined up Saturday as Richard Herod III and his friends wrapped them, on all three sides, with decals that said "Vote No" against the marriage amendment.

It was an idea born when Herod was denied a voice.

He said, "I decided to put a vote no yard sign in my yard to make a stand among my community about a week later I get a message from my town home community telling me I should take down my vote no yard sign."

So he found a bigger way to express his opinion.

He said, "Instead I decided to wrap both sides of my car with 'Vote No' because town home associations cannot regulate private property.  So instead of having a small 'Vote No' yard sign, I now have a big vote no car sign."

He posted a picture of his car on Facebook.

He said, "I thought I was going to make one set of stickers now I have over 200 sets of stickers produced."

Since that post, more than 100 others have asked him to wrap their cars.

So he did, on Saturday, for $50 a vehicle, with proceeds going to Minnesota United for All Families.

He said, "I'm excited to see what happens."

Minnesota for Marriage is looking beyond the yard sign as well for creative ways to get its message out.  So families came to its Saint Anthony headquarters on Saturday for some pumpkin carving.

Crystal Crocker with Minnesota for Marriage said, "What do kids want to do this time of year? They want to carve pumpkins.  So it was a great Saturday activity for the parents to bring their kids down here and participate and be part of a bigger picture here."

There were pumpkins carved with "Vote Yes" and another with a man and woman holding hands.

Crocker said, "These were the kids' ideas that they wanted to carve in here for vote yes and be part of the whole spirit of our campaign."

The group is holding an online pumpkin carving contest.

Crocker said of the pumpkins carved Saturday, "They're going to be submitted for our contest and these are some of them [that] the kids decided to leave."

The hope is those voting yes for the marriage amendment add the pumpkins to their pre-election yard decor.

Crocker said, "We are encouraging them to have them displayed out on October 31st."

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