New MSP airport flight plans cause concern

10:31 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - There is one simple truth when living near the airport, your outdoor soundtrack is definitely in stereo.

"We just get used to it," said Kristina Milinkovich who lives near Lake Nokomis. "It's part of living in the city."

But a new plan could change the flight patterns around the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, turning up the volume for some.

It's why dozens showed up to an informational open house Tuesday night in Eagan to learn more about the plan.

Under the proposal, planes would use GPS-like technology to fly specific and more concentrated routes instead of flying over a wider area.

"The departures aren't going to be changing at all with respect to our house," said Steven Treichel.

For Treichel's Mendota Heights neighborhood, the plan appears to be a wash. But in Gary Torfin's Eagan neighborhood near Pilot Knob and Cliff Roads, it appears to be a deluge.  

"This route literally goes directly over our home," he said.

And  the air traffic will be constant, he says.

"When this changes, we're going to have a flight every ten minutes, according to their numbers which will be very, very disruptive," he said.

The Federal Aviation Administration believes it will cut down on communication between pilots and air traffic control where mistakes can happen.

"It will provide a higher level of safety by reducing pilot control communications," said Carl Rydeen with the Federal Aviation Administration.

He argues the routes will make it less noisy for the most number of people and make things more efficient by burning less fuel, which is better for the environment.

"We're not taking airplanes in where they didn't have them before, certainly they maybe more concentrated as a result," he said.

The open house in Eagan was one of two informational meetings.

A noise oversight committee will make a recommendation to the Metropolitan Airports Commission Wednesday afternoon. MAC will take the issue up on Monday. If it approves the plan, the new routes could be in place by the spring, causing some to fear the worst.

"It's going to be very, very noisy, to the point we probably won't be able to enjoy the outdoors," said Torfin.


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