Cyber bully attacks Minneapolis Washburn students

9:19 AM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - In the halls of Minneapolis Washburn High School, the buzz of a new school year is gone. The talk has turned to the social networking site, Twitter.

Someone started a Twitter account called Washburn Book. Sophomore Eli Lamm believes it's supposed to mimic the burn book in the movie "Mean Girls."

The tweets target many students. Many of them contain swear words. All of them are mean.

One tweet said, "No one even wanta (sic) look at your ugly face." Another tweet read, "You're not original. Go commit suicide."

Lamm said some of the tweets were directed at his friends.

"I felt bad for them and it's just not right." Lamm said.

All the tweets have been deleted, but the hurt hasn't.

Julie Young-Burns, the safe and drug free school coordinator for the Minneapolis School District, said the incident is an example of what the district calls electronic aggression. She said the district is looking into the incident and asking students with information to step forward.

"This isn't about tattling or snitching. It's about telling to keep themselves and others safe," Young-Burns said.

The district doesn't know if Washburn Book was started by just one person or a group, but the district does have a clear no tolerance policy on bullying. Consequences range from a warning to expulsion.

Many students are wondering who started the Twitter page, said Lamm. He said whoever did it doesn't know the real Washburn.

"Washburn isn't about that. We're about being friends, and we're just one big family," he said.

For resources on how to prevent and handle cyber bullying go to our KARE 11 Community page.

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