Facebook 'unfriending' up as election nears

4:53 PM, Oct 22, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Have you checked your Facebook friend count lately? It could be going down this election year.

Just ask Sarah Allan.

"I feel like I have a good group of friends and everyone is respectful," says Allan. "This particular individual was not."

The individual is a distant cousin and on Monday morning, it was Allan doing the unfriending when a post about guns turned political and personal.

"He called me un-American and said if I didn't like it I should leave the country. I just felt like I didn't need that and it wasn't fair so I unfriended him," says Allan. "I've known him my whole life."

In such a fierce election year, it's a trend playing out on Facebook pages across the Twin Cities.

For Maylene Adam it was her sister doing the unfriending.

"She puts on oodles of Obama posts, which I ignored. When I challenged one of them, she unfriended me," says Adam.

Lines aren't just being drawn on Obama/Romney.

In Minnesota, the marriage amendment has become just as divisive.

Nate Christiansen writes, "I had two of my cousins remove me as a friend because I support the biblical definition of marriage."

On the other side, Christie Lasch writes, "I regularly check the MN for Marriage page and delete anyone who has liked it. I'm not OK with having people in my life that are for legalizing hate."

The election is 15 days away, but your vote and views may have long-lasting effects, at least on Facebook.

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