Microsoft rolls out Windows 8 and Surface Tablet

6:00 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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Bloomington, Minn.  --  Microsoft Windows 8 and the new "Surface" tablet brought hundreds to the Mall of America Microsoft store Friday.

Microsoft's "Surface" tablet is all touch and was rolled out alongside Windows 8, which is designed to be all touch too.

"The best way I can describe Windows 8 is it makes applications come to life with it's touch interface capabilities, but you can also get a lot of stuff done with it it's the best windows 7 has to offer too," said Microsoft store's Leif Knutson.

You can only purchase the tablet online or at Microsoft stores, but Windows 8 you can find at nearly any computer store, including Best Buy.

Windows 8 offers a completely new design, but if it's all too much there is an option to use it just the way you always have.


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