A day in the life of Gopher women's basketball player, Rachel Banham

10:25 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Don't let her game face fool you...Rachel Banham's is a college kid like any other.

"This is the kitchen we've got some dirty dishes," Banham says as she tours her dorm room kitchen.

She has posters of her crushes on the wall of Chris Brown and Kobe Bryant and even sleeps with a childhood pillow.

"I almost forgot it for Kansas and I had to moped back to get it," says Banham.

This is the double life that Rachel Banham lives. She is a smooth criminal on the court and wants to solve crimes off it.

"I want to be a police officer like my parents" says Banham.

Banham is no stranger to police work. Her mother is an officer and her father just retired last summer.

"I've heard a lot of interesting stories," she recalls.

She is also no stranger to hard work. Her days start early: class, practice, film study, homework - while trying to try squeeze in some meals. Then do it all again the next day.

"Yeah it's definitely difficult," she explains.

Clearly in the two years at Minnesota her work on court has been exemplary.

"She's one of the top three players I've ever coached," says Gopher women's basketball head coach Pam Borton. "She can take over a game."

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