Coon Rapids and Blaine taking it outside

11:46 PM, Jan 26, 2011   |    comments
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COON RAPIDS, Minn -- Purists believe it's the way the game of hockey should be played.

"Outside hockey is true hockey," Coon Rapids senior forward Rachael Bona said.

It's also the perfect setting for a rematch of two old rivals, Blaine and Coon Rapids. The two teams will face off Saturday at the Lake Phalen recreation center in a game they are calling the "Outdoor Classic." It's a regular conference game, mixed with a little nostalgia.

"All of us coaches here and at Blaine, we grew up out here playing after practice every day," says Cardinals head coach Jessica Christopherson.

"We played a lot of our mite years and have outdoor practices and some outdoor games when we were really little," Bona added.

Just a few days away from the game and it's now all fun and games, but the first practice wasn't that way at all as the girls, not so quietly, figured out how to battle the elements.

"Having an outdoor game is sweet. Then we got out here and we said 'No!, we want to go back inside,'" said Coon Rapids senior defenseman Danny Lobejko.

"It was a little challenging, we have a few whiners," said Christopherson.

But it's all in preparation for the big day against an old rival, settling the score the old fashion way.


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