Former QB weighs in on Vikings

6:53 AM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Monday night's Vikings vs. Giants game must have been painful for Minnesota Vikings alumni; especially Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks' alumni like Sage Rosenfels.

"It was just hard to watch because it was just bad football," Rosenfels said Tuesday night from his home in Nebraska.

Rosenfels, to be transparent, is a former Vikings player and Giants player so it was double bad.

"It's a work in progress - I think is the best way to look at it, the most optimistic way to look at it," Rosenfels said of the team's performance and that of new starter Josh Freeman.

Optimism was absent in Vikings nation today moments after our starter, Josh Freeman, told the media a few of his 53 passes were "a hair off."

Cue the understatement music and head to twitter for the fallout from that one.

Within the hour #hairoff was trending big on twitter, here are a few examples.

Parker tweeted: "Went out to start the car this morning to find one of Josh Freeman's passes hit my windshield #hairoff"

Raheem the Dream: "If Josh Freeman's passes were a hair off then I'm a hair off from being a billionaire."

George: "The Vikings are just a hair off from being a decent NFL team. Troy Polamalu kind of hair."

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