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Job tips for new graduates from The Right Staff

2:01 AM, Jun 1, 2013

Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff is back to share the current state of the job market along with tips for new graduates.

The Right Staff's tips for starting your own business

8:04 AM, May 6, 2013

Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff talks about the current job market and if starting your own business is right for you.  

Tips for finding work when you're over 50

7:06 AM, Apr 30, 2013

There are expected to be more than 13 million jobs created over the next 10 years, and that could force employers to look to an older age group to fill those spots.

Instead of balancing work and life, try blending

3:54 PM, Apr 24, 2013

Instead of trying to find a balance between work and home life, Cultivating Careers recommends blending the two.

Tips for starting your own business

4:05 PM, Apr 17, 2013

Even with a high failure rate, owning your own business continues to grow in popularity in this country. More than a half million start up every month and the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs are 55 and over.

Comparing your college education costs

5:49 AM, Apr 15, 2013

There's a new tool to compare your options when it comes to dealing with the price tag of a college education.

Honoring Minnesota business women

2:12 PM, Apr 13, 2013

The Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-MN) has announced the date for the inaugural event of the Women Business Owners Hall of Fame.

How 'cold calling' might help you land a job

11:35 AM, Apr 9, 2013

In today's economy, it isn't easy to find a job. So how can you give yourself the best chance to find a position? Cold calling may be a solution.

Summertime job search tips

2:32 PM, Apr 6, 2013

Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff discusses the current state of the job market and summertime job search tips in this week's jobs segment.

The true value of your college education

6:50 AM, Apr 4, 2013

We regularly discuss the challenging aspects of funding a college education. Another perspective to consider is the expected compensation you hope to earn with your degree in-hand; relative to the cost you have incurred to get there.

Justice Page helping students go to college

1:18 PM, Mar 30, 2013

Alan Page and his daughter Kamie Page talked with KARE Saturday about their new book and the upcoming gala for the Page Education Foundation.

Study: More than 'skills gap' when finding employees

6:21 PM, Mar 7, 2013

The Department of Employment and Economic Development has conducted research examining hiring difficulties in three fields; industrial engineering, production, and nursing.

Professional recruiter discusses right time to ask for raise

9:13 PM, Mar 4, 2013

As the economy shows signs of light, it has many workers wondering if the time is right to ask for that richly deserved raise.

The Right Staff shares job search strategies

3:11 PM, Mar 2, 2013

Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff talks about the second quarter slowdown and the current economic climate.

Minn. 'hot-desker' responds to change in policy at Yahoo!

5:25 PM, Feb 26, 2013

Move over telecommuting, hot-desking has become a popular option at some companies.

How to use your digital life to find a job

8:47 AM, Feb 21, 2013

More than ever employers are forgoing paper resumes and looking online for their newest hires. So how do you really make yourself stand out? And what should you make sure to avoid doing when you're online?

Twin Cities hiring amid Postal Service cuts

5:47 PM, Feb 6, 2013

The financially troubled U.S. Postal Service is eliminating the equivalent of more than 22,000 jobs by cancelling Saturday home mail delivery beginning in August, 2013. However, Twin Cities Post Offices are planning to hire 400 new

Postal service to hire 400 city carrier assistants

2:15 AM, Feb 6, 2013

The U.S. Postal Service is hiring approximately 400 city carrier assistants to deliver mail at Post Offices in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Ted Chalupsky talks jobs for the new year

3:51 PM, Jan 12, 2013

Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff was in the KARE 11 studio Saturday morning to discuss the hiring outlook for the new year.

Finding a job for college students in the "off" season

9:38 AM, Jan 9, 2013

Despite the job market being on the mend, recent government studies show one in two college graduates are jobless or under-employed.

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