Work it Wednesday: Minn. company urges employees to 'just stand' for good health

7:16 AM, Nov 4, 2010   |    comments
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Ergotron urges workers to join the "uprising"

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Ergotron, Inc. is a St. Paul company that specializes in work place products that prides itself on a misson to make affordable ergonomic equipment for computer users.

With a worldwide reach, Ergotron aims to make the workplace healthier by urging workers to "just stand."

Chief Marketing Officer Jane Payfer cites research from Canada and the United States that indicates long-term sitting can have health consequences.

"When you sit more than six hours a day, even when you exercise, your body can't compensate for all that sitting," said Payfer.

Payfer says the studies show long term sitting can be linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, even cancer and depression.

With companies inveseting in wellness programs that encourage exercise and other healthy behaviors, Payfer believes companies are overlooking the work place. 

Ergotron began the "Just Stand" movement after noticing positive changes in its own workplace. 

Most employees in the corporate headquarters now stand at work stations created by Ergotron.  Everyone has the option to sit, but employees report once they get used to standing, they don't want to go back to their chairs.

According to Payfer, the company has had no workplace injury claims among employees who are now standing, and productivy is up.

Payfer hopes that will get the attention of any company that experienced layoffs during the recession.

"Five people were supposed to to the work of 15," said Payfer.

"Investing in your human capitol and giving them the tools to be more productive and healthier while they're working, really does a lot for employee morale, and that fact in itself relates to more productivity."

Ergotron has a website,, which offers medical research, tools and tips for workers who want to leave their chairs behind.


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