Work it Wednesday: Turning a college internship into a job

8:25 AM, Jan 12, 2011   |    comments
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Caroline Rudzinski turns her internship into a job

MINNEAPOLIS -- Caroline Rudzinski knows she's lucky.  The 2010 University of Minnesota realized that the minute she was chosen for a Lucky 13 internship at Campbell Mithun, an integrated marketing communications agency in Minneapolis.

While the paid position was certainly a plus for Rudzinski, she parlayed that into an even better opportunity.

"And I've ended up here as an assistant account executive since September," said Rudzinski.

Rudzinski is the epitome of enthusiasm as she walks through the hallways of one of the Twin Cities top agencies. During her internship, she brought not just enthusiasm, she also determined she wouldn't let a moment of her internship go to waste.

"Something that was important to me was always to come in with an eager attitude and to always find opportunities," said Rudzinski, "but then also capitolize on opportunities that came to me."

Rudzinski brought a notebook with her to work, and literally wrote down everything she learned.  People's names.  Where their office was located.  Words of wisdom people would tell her throughout the day.

"And I worked on things that I learned (and) at night went home and reviewed them, so I could remember every last detail of what I learned in that past day so I wouldn't have to be told anything twice."

While she was working on her personal knowledge, Rudzinski also worked as part of the Lucky 13 team, developing a marketing solution for a Campbell Mithun client. She gained real-life experience that she could take to any agency, however Radzinki was eager to make an impression at Campbell Mithun.  So, she decided to make an unforgettable exit.

"Being in a creative environment, I knew that a little thank you card wasn't going to do it," said Rudzinski.  So she created a powerpoint presentation that included everyone who helped her at Campbell Mithun.  Rudzinski drew heavily from that notebook.

"Thirteen is a lucky number here at Campbell Mithun, so I decided to organize my thoughts into the biggest 13 insights that I'd come up with," said Rudzinski.  "But also I quoted some special people here at the agency for me.  I just wanted to let them know that I'd heard them, and they taught me something over the summer."

As for that notebook, Rudzinski still has it.  And she's filling another notebook with what she's learning now that she has a full-time job.

Campbell Mithun is beginning to recruit for it's 2011 "Lucky 13" internship program.  For more information, click Lucky 13 internship.

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