Push mowers making a comeback

5:58 PM, May 16, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS-- It's not hard to miss the collection of push mowers sitting outside of Welna's Hardware store on Franklin Avenue. It's also not hard to miss the man behind the push mower comeback.

Jim Welna and his family have been selling push mowers since the 1960's. Welna says recently sales have started climbing.

"The trend is to go more and more with something that is non-polluting, that doesn't use gas, that provides people with exercise and is low cost to maintain and these really do that for people," he said.

Ben Bigalke was shopping for a new mower Monday. He just moved into a new home with a small yard. He said he owns a gas mower but wants to switch over to something simpler.

" It looks easy enough to repair," Bigalke said.

But it's not all easy. Welna said push mowers take longer on bigger yards and there's another challenge.

"With having a mower like this you have to make sure you cut the grass soon enough in the season. Because if the grass gets too long then it gets very difficult and it can get very frustrating," Welna said.

Even with the small quirks the sales have been big. Welna said he has 40 push mowers left in stock and has ordered more just in case.

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